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Identity : Good Skills, Good moral, Good volunteer spirit, Be self-sufficient. 
Philosophy : Aim to develop learners to international standards on the basis of morality 

                       and ethics according to the Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy.
Uniqueness : Having professional skills for career and community services.
Vision : Professional Expertise

Location  :    272  Charoenrat Road, Kud Pong sub district, Maung district, Loei province 42000

17 July1938
Loei  Carpentry School was first found
26 August 1959
The original name was changed into Loei Trade School
The name has been changed into  Loei Technical School
The name has been changed again into Loei Technical College

The Administrative Board 

The director  
Mr. Suphakrit Kamnirat
Vice director of human resource              
Mr. Surachai Hassagun
Vice director of Co-operative and project    
Mr. Polasit Chuerleungtong
Vice director of Student affair  
Mr. Chatchawan Pomduwan
Vice director of  academic 
Mr. Kool Aksornnu

Personnel Information

Teachers and other educational staff
School Administrators
5 persons Goverment Officer 82 persons
Goverment Employee
16 persons Civil Servant persons
Contract  Teacher
48 persons Permanent Employee persons
Temporary Worker
48 persons
Teachers and other educational staff (03/07/2023)

205  persons 

Current Student
Vocational students          
1,607 persons
High vocational students 
1,167 persons
Bachelor Degree 
    90 persons
Total Current Student 
2,864  persons (10/06/2023)
Graduate  Student 2022
Vocational students 
   443 persons
High vocational students 
   407 persons
Bachelor Degree     
    wait data
Total Graduate Student
 850  persons (12/07/2023)
Total Student 
850 persons  (12/07/2023)

Vocational Short Course Program ::

The college’s role in vocational education managemen

            Loei Technical College has produced and developed  skilful technicians  for industry for more than 72 years. Graduate students have been widely accepted by workplaces as skilful technicians. Learning and teaching management  has been focused on students as the centered of learning process under the co-operation of  the administrative board, all teachers  and every other educational staff.  The teaching and learning material, media, workshops, and other stuff are adequate for all students and teachers. The college personnel  are  supported to have development in their careers so that they can be the important staff in developing the college in every way. The suitable workplaces are available for students to get practiced and be trained  exactly what they are qualified for focusing on learning by doing.